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BILD quality network

At Autism Plus we review our service through the BILD quality network.

BILD looks at how our customers experience the support and services we provide. Through BILD we are able to obtain a true picture of how effective our services are in ensuring that customers’ choices, aspirations and rights are being met. The BILD Review gets to the heart of what is really happening in our customer’s lives and is much more than ticking boxes to say we are a good service.

The process involves panel members spending time with individuals in a range of their normal day to day settings and it is about not just looking at what is working well for that individual but is also about taking time to think what we could be doing better. The process is ongoing so that action plans set the year previous are monitored and reviewed and are added to the portfolio of service improvements that aim to enhance the lives of Autism Plus customers.


If you are unsure of what is right for you or would like to talk to us please call or email us: Tel: 01405 812128 email: