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Specialist Training Services

Specialist Training Services is an Autism Plus social enterprise. Using the experience of Autism Plus along with the voice and personal experiences of individuals who have autism, we provide unique, in-depth knowledge on all aspects of living and working with individuals on the autistic spectrum. Our services cover Yorkshire & Humber, North West, East Riding, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

"Found this day really useful as a parent and as a manager. Will definitely be using the knowledge day to day."

"Given me a better understanding of autism and hopefully put my knowledge into practice"

"I always dread this type of training but the trainer provides much more information. I found the course extremely interesting and useful for both work and my personal life"

"Best training course I have ever been on. Jonathan is an amazing trainer and made the course enjoyable. Excellent work."

Do you employ someone with autism or Asperger Syndrome? We can help you understand autism in your workplace, from tailored training through to one to one job coaching. We can provide support to help people sustain employment. Contact us to find out how we can support your business. Tel: 0114 384 0284 email:

We offer a range of services:

Work place support - If you employ an adult with autism or Asperger Syndrome and need guidance and support on how to best support the individual in the workplace, then a workplace assessment would be beneficial.

Training for Parents and Carers - This training is aimed at parents of those at all ages, not just parents of young children, as we recognise that there are many individuals that do not receive a diagnosis until later on in life.

First Routes -  First Routes offer one to one support, support with job interviews, support in the workplace and gaining help in general. Support can be funded through a range of means, including direct payments, social care packages or some individuals choose to pay for their own support.

In Leeds we are working in partnership with Leeds City Council and Leeds NHS, if you are a business or service in Leeds then you may be eligible for a subsidy towards the cost of your training. Click HERE to download the flier to find out more.

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To discuss your individual requirements or to request our services please contact our team:

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