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Stopping Over-Medication of People with a Learning Disability and Autism

We are proud supporters of STOMP and pledge to act in the best interests of the people we support at all times by:

• Actively promoting alternatives to medication such as active support, intensive interaction or positive behaviour support.

• Ensuring the people we support, and their circle of support, are involved in decisions about their care, including their medication.

• Ensuring all staff have an understanding of psychotropic medication, including its main uses and side effects.

• Encouraging staff to speak up if they have a concern that a person we support may be over-medicated.

• Maintaining accurate records about the health, wellbeing and behaviour of the people we support.

• Supporting people to have regular reviews of their medication.

• Monitoring the use of psychotropic medication.

• Working with people with a learning disability, autism or both, their families, health professionals, commissioners and others to stop over-medication. This includes working closely with prescribers.

We will set out the actions we will take and report annually on the progress we have made.

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