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Kerry lives in her own house in Hull with 24 hour support from a team of people from Autism Plus. She had a difficult childhood; she lived in about 10 different children’s homes and foster homes and she struggled a lot, behaving aggressively.

Kerry was diagnosed with Asperger’s at the age of 12 but she is also bipolar and has other conditions. Her difficulties in coping with everyday life caused so many problems that she struggled to settle anywhere but she found some security with her foster family in Hull. It was therefore very hard for her, and inappropriate, to be placed in a home in Wales for people with learning disabilities.

Eventually her social worker referred her to Autism Plus and we were able to help her to live independently, with support, back in Hull. Kerry saw the move as an opportunity to begin to take control of her life. "Lynn, my team leader, took a chance on me. I thought 'enough's enough. This is my future". With the help of her team she has begun to turn her life around.

She now has several qualifications through working at a local charity shop and she is a trusted member of their team. She is also proud to have lost 4 stone in weight and has won an award as a top slimmer. Kerry acknowledges what the support of her team has meant to her. "If it wasn't for my lot I wouldn't be where I am now. They're all good with me. Trudy fought for me to do the voluntary work. I get on so well with Dave that we howl with laughter."