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Autism Plus has a successful track record in delivering solutions for people with complex needs and challenging behaviours. We have delivered care support and housing solutions on the Transforming Care Partnership across the East Riding and Humber since January 2017.

We have successfully delivered a range of care support packages in partnership with our Housing Partners delivering good quality housing and care solutions. We support a range of individuals with Autism, LD, Mental Health and complex needs, plus a further range of neuro - diverse conditions.

Uniquely we also offer a range of social enterprises providing vocational training and employment supported by our First Routes team to ensure good progressions into open employment.

The Transforming Care Programme (TCP)

TCP's have been rolled out Nationwide by NHS England to improve health and social care services to ensure more people with autism, mental health and learning disabilities can live and integrate into communities with expert support and interventions, close to their families, and therefore to move out of hospitals and other secure settings.

Many people with the above conditions have endured years of hospitalisation or indeed languished in secure settings that failed to meet their needs and aspirations and kept them isolated from the communities and their families. Their independence, including access to education and employment and the right to live in the community has been denied for too long.

Our specialist support developed across Yorkshire and the Humber over the last 30 years has led to many successful outcomes - read more in our case studies:


Only 16% of adults diagnosed with autism are in any form of meaningful employment and yet over 70% of this group aspire to work. This low level of attainment is much lower than those with learning disabilities and disabled people as a whole. Our role is to meet the needs and aspirations of all the people we support. A good roof over your head, a good quality care and support package represent the minimum level of support we offer. Quality of life extends far beyond the offer of a good home and a quality care package. However a good home and support package represent the essential starting point for all those we support.

Watch Karen talking about her son, Luke who with the support from Autism Plus was able to find paid employment.

Effective communication is key to our approach. Our Speech and Language Therapist (SALT), Person Centred Planning Co-ordinator, and Occupational Therapist provide specialist support in communicating, developing independent living skills, and sensory processing.

We use our experience to create effective and personalised packages of care and support alongside family members, carers and commissioners to support people with diverse needs moving from hospital settings.

The quality of our support is underpinned by our team of skilled, engaged staff, all of whome have been recruited based on their ethics, values and desire to help others realise their personal goals.

To support progression and development we offer specialist in-house employment support, and vocational and administration placements within our social enterprises. We also utilise our charity shops to offer work experiences.




To find out more about our track record in supporting people in the Transforming Care programme, contact us:

01405 812128