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Easi Works is a developing social enterprise based in a small industrial unit on the outskirts of the small market town, Easingwold in North Yorkshire. Easi Works is somewhere for adults with autism, learning disabilities and mental health conditions to experience work in social enterprise and business.


Easi Works Autism Plus Social Enterprise

The purpose of the Easi Works project derives directly from the core mission of Autism Plus, adding value to lives:

“Our business is discovery, achievement, realisation & reward.”

Easi Works...

...the chance to discover opportunities, experiences, relationships and talents

...satisfaction when real achievements have been made environment where everyone can realise their potential

...every attendee can feel richly rewarded

Why Easi Works?

Do you want to develop work related skills and experience? Then Easi Works is the place for you!

  • Be part of the Easi Works team

  • Find work experience in a fun, friendly and motivating environment
  • There are plenty of activities to get involved in

  • Receive specialist employment advice from First Routes

  • Start your ASDAN workright qualification

Every person that accesses support at the unit is met by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable support team, promoting the drive to succeed.  Current activities include gardening, printing, craftwork and an ecommerce business through which paid work placements can be funded.  Our arts and crafts activities aim to produce high quality items to sell in the retail sector.

Easi Works continues Autism Plus’ person centred approach and way of working. It doesn’t matter how long it takes a person to acquire the necessary skills to complete a task, the needs of the individual is at the centre of everything we do. 

Easi Works promotes team work, communication and independence. Individuals also have the opportunity to train and gain recognised qualifications such as ASDAN as well as access volunteering opportunities, work simulation and paid work experience.

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