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It is our aim for all people with autism and complex conditions to live independent lives. A life where people with autism can have a job, their own home, and enjoy their favourite hobbies and pastimes. We provide help and support so that individuals can take the first steps on this journey.

Our services include:

Adult learning - we provide a range of activities from independent living training to support in specific interests and creative activities such as drama and making music

Supported living - we support individuals in everyday tasks, in and out of the home, as well as on trips and holidays

Residential - we provide residential facilities in a range of apartments and group homes, each with a highly trained support team

Respite - in Doncaster we offer an adult respite service so that families can take breaks from the intensive support they provide to loved ones

Employment support - we help individuals to understand the world of work and what skills they may require, supporting some to take on voluntary work, or for others paid employment

Social enterprises - our social enterprise businesses provide real world experience of a working environment. These include Mayfield Bell Lyres (a musical instrument manufacturer) Beanstalk Gardens (a horticulture business) Ampleforth Plus (a range of businesses including a chocolate factory) Top Notch (a wood and furniture workshop) and Ings Centre (a community cafe and meals on wheels service)