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Autism training

Raising awareness and understanding of autism in your business

Helping your employees to understand autism spectrum conditions.

"Found this day really useful as a parent and as a manager. Will definitely be using the knowledge day to day."

"Given me a better understanding of autism and hopefully put my knowledge into practice"

"I always dread this type of training but the trainer provides much more information. I found the course extremely interesting and useful for both work and my personal life"

"Best training course I have ever been on. Jonathan is an amazing trainer and made the course enjoyable. Excellent work."

Specialist Training Services can help your business understand all aspects of living and working with autism, from employing an individual with autism to your customers and their families. 

• Increase staff awareness and confidence

• Improve your customer journey for people with autism and their families

• Learn how to communicate with employees and customers who have an autism spectrum condition

• Delivered by an experienced trainer alongside an adult with autism

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