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£6000 grant from the MCF awards

£6,000 grant awarded from the MCF awards

We are delighted to receive a £6,000 Community Award from the Freemasons following an unprecedented public vote. We were one of 7 to be nominated by Freemasons in Yorkshire West Riding with local people voting to decide the level of their Award.

The Community Awards are a major part of Freemasonry’s 300th-anniversary celebrations. The Masonic Charitable Foundation is distributing three million pounds to 300 charities across the country, with the public vote deciding on the range of Awards from £4,000 to £25,000.

Michelle Munn, Social Enterprise Co-Ordinator at Autism Plus said:

“The grant of £6,000 which we have been awarded following the public vote is hugely important. We are very grateful to all of our friends who took the trouble to support us. We plan to use this money to purchase equipment for the Autism Plus enterprise, Top Notch to help more adults with autism learn skills in the wood workshop.

The Masonic Charitable Foundation obtains all of its funding from Freemasons, their families and friends.  It is estimated that half of Freemasonry’s total charitable expenditure of over £33m goes to charities that help people in communities across the country.

David S. Pratt from Yorkshire, West-Riding Freemasons said:

“We are delighted so many people voted in Yorkshire and West-Riding. Autism Plus was one of 8 charities nominated by local Freemasons and I know they will use their 6 thousand grant to continue with their outstanding work.”