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How First Routes supported Fabian into work

Fabian Harper has been attending Autism Plus community support for some time now, earlier this year he started talking about the potential of getting into work. PCP, team leaders and First Routes all worked together to ensure Fabian could split his 8 hours support he received every week between Community support and First Routes. Fabian started with First Routes at the end of September for just 2 hours a week.

First Routes worked with Fabian to identify the types of work he was interested in. The team supported him to update his CV and helped highlight the positive attributes Fabian had that an employer would look for. The First Routes team spent time to identify jobs, practicing filling in application forms, practising interview questions. Within 4 weeks interviews were flying in, Fabian had 4 interviews in one week and said he couldn’t believe how quick it was all happening. He still wanted to keep going ahead, they provided him with interview tips and guidance. One interview was a group interview which un-nerved Fabian a little, a member of the team went over and met Fabian prior to going into the interview for a coffee and a chat, providing last minute guidance and reassurance. The next day, brought another interview again more guidance was given. Fabian contacted the First Routes team again in the afternoon to say “Do employers offer you jobs on the spot? Because I’ve just been offered a job before I left the interview” Fabian was absolutely overwhelmed but of course accepted the job, he is soon to start work at Pizza Express and we couldn’t be happier for him. First Routes are now working with Fabian and his employer to ensure he has support in place once he starts work in the coming weeks. One comment the employer made to him was “we would be delighted if you could work in our team, it is obvious what a lovely personality you have”. Well done Fabian. Just 6 weeks support from First Routes has helped Fabian secure a job that is perfect for him!