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Grow your own tea kit - from Beanstalk Gardens

Beanstalk Gardens is now selling 'Living Tea - Grow your own tea kits' on eBay with seeds that have been grown by Beanstalk Gardens in Sheffield.
What is the better gift there than a hot cuppa on a cold day?
Our most popular kits are available:
The After Dinner Soother contains soothing spearmint, calming chamomile, and fresh fennel to help you relax, perfect to settle down with after a big family roast.
Or, if you find yourself longing for the days of summer, then the Fruit Punch Tea with zesty lime basil, tangy apple mint, and blossomy bergamot would be an ideal flavour for you.
Remember - all profits are reinvested into Beanstalk Gardens to help us continue to support adults and young people with autism and complex conditions.