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As part of our aim to support more disabled people into employment we have taken over specialist instrument manufacturers, Mayfield Lyres of Sheffield. The work shop is now based at our head office, The Exchange Brewery in Sheffield where we produce the ‘Mayfield Bell Lyre’ and other marching band instruments.

You can view the Mayfield website directly HERE

Mayfield is an established business that has operated in Sheffield for many years.  It is recognised for manufacturing top quality,made to order bell lyres and marching bells for marching bands.  Mayfield also benefits from the recognition of the “Made in Sheffield” brand which adds another mark of quality to its long standing, world class reputation.

All Mayfield instruments are handmade and each one is electronically tuned to ensure it is musically perfect. Each instrument is made with beech wood, polished aluminum and steel back plates. 

Our aim is to support customers of Autism Plus’ transition into employment. Mayfield is now in the exciting stages of working our customers who are being given opportunities to learn new skills in engineering and manufacturing which, in turn, is helping them to become more independent, build relationships and take better control over their lives.  They are also obtaining valuable work experience in a safe and secure work environment.

Do you have autism or a learning disability? ? Do you want to develop your employment skills and gain experience in an engineering environment? Or maybe you just want to find out more about the work we do. If you would like to arrange a visit contact Jo Moverley Gray on 0114 384 0284 or email

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