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I’m looking for a diagnosis

A diagnosis is the formal identification of autism or Aspergers syndrome, and can be given as a child or an adult. Some adults live their lives without ever receiving an official diagnosis of autism, but in getting a diagnosis it can help someone understand why they may experience certain difficulties. For children it can mean they receive support which is right for them from an early age.

Whilst an early diagnosis is important, a diagnosis at any stage can mean the difference between an individual being able to understand oneself, overcome barriers and successfully transition towards an independent life. A diagnosis can also mean individuals can access support that was not available to them before their diagnosis was formalised.

If you suspect you have characteristics associated with ASC then it is important you seek guidance as soon as possible to enable the you have access to the right support. With the right support, guidance and understanding in place many individuals live fulfilling and rewarding lives. To gain a diagnosis of autism or Asperger Syndrome you should contact your GP who will refer you onto an appropriate professional for a formal assessment.

I am looking for a diagnosis for my child

If you think your child may have autism and would like this confirming your first point of call should be your GP. It is a good idea to make a note of issues you have noticed or difficulties your child has experienced. Your GP will then be able to refer your child for a formal assessment.

I am an adult looking for a diagnosis

Some people are happy with self diagnosis and decide not to seek a formal diagnosis. For others there can be more benefits from receiving an official diagnosis from a professional. Some adults may have had difficulties for a long time and are not sure why, they may have been misdiagnosed or misunderstood. Receiving a diagnosis of autism or Aspergers can bring great relief to an individual and their family, it allows an individual to learn about their condition and begin to understand why they may have had difficulties, a diagnosis also means a person can begin to get the right support.

If you would like to receive a diagnosis your first point of call should be your GP. It is a good idea to make of note of issues or difficulties you have faced so you can present these to your GP. Your GP should then refer you to a specialist who will be able to do a formal assessment.