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Donations have reduced dramatically over the last few years leaving our shops facing a stock crisis.

One reason we believe this to be is due to commercial collectors, companies collect stock on behalf of charities for their own financial gain.

Some charities use commercial collectors for financial gain, they may not have shops on the high street but allow commercial collectors to distribute and collect donations under their name, the charity may recieve as little as 5% while the collectors keep all the donated items to sell overseas.

We urge supporters and people donating goods to charities through house to house collections to carefully read donation sacks, most will clearly state if the donated items are to be sold in the UK and what charity they are collecting for.

Our van drivers will always have some form of I.D.

Our advice

If you can bring your donations into your local charity retail shop.

Carefully read the collection sack, look for charity details and if the bag states how the clothing/profit will be split. Also look for official charity recognised logos like below:

Our doorstep collectors will have Autism Plus I.D on them, if you are unsure ask the collector for I.D.

Research undertaken by the British Heart Foundation

"Our research reveals that over two thirds of charity bags an average householder recieves are from commercial companies working with charities by selling the donated items overseas for profit.

Worryingly, over six out of ten people (65%) aren't aware these commercial companies exist and think 100% of the profits made from their charity bag donations go to the charity involved. The reality is that in come cases as little as 5% is paid to a charity who is working with a commercial company. 85% of people who are not aware of this actively say it makes them feel shocked, cheated and disheartened.