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Corporate giving to Autism Plus

Sponsor a project

You can make a gift towards a specific aspect of our work or project. We will work closely with you to decide where the money goes and offer reports on the difference and impact your donation has made.

Ways to support us

Support in kind

Support in kind is often a simple and effective way of supporting us. It can be anything from donating company products or surplus office equipment to making company facilities available for us to use.

We often need

• Office equipment

• Furniture

• Products as raffle or auction prizes

• Old stock and ends of lines for resale in our charity shops

If you are a company and donate an item that you make or sell or that you have used in your trade such as computers or furniture, then this can be treated as a tax-deductible business expense.

Employee fundraising

We can advise you on how you can get your employees involved in fun and innovative fundraising activities. We have lots of ideas on for your business.  Employee fundraising helps employees feel motivated and engaged and can improve your business performance. 

Charity of the Year

Why not nominate Autism Plus as your charity partner? To help you encourage staff and colleagues to vote for us we can provide information on Autism Plus’s work and how we support people affected by autism.  No matter how small or big your company, we can provide you with the support needed to make the partnership beneficial to both parties.

For further information contact us on 01405 812128 or email