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Collection boxes – donate your spare change

Collection boxes not only help to raise funds, they also create awareness of the important work that we do. Your small change can help make a huge difference.

Collections at home

Did you know that, the average household has over £1.61 down the back of the sofa or in their cars; and with around 26 million households in the UK that’s £40 million in lost loose change!

Why not request a collection box today and put your pennies to good use.

Join the Autism Plus Silver Appeal and place a collecting box in your home or on your desk - and you'll be amazed at how quickly your small change soon adds up!

You could charge family and friends a few pence to enter your home and enjoy a homemade bun and cup of tea or just have your box on standby for when you have extra loose change!

Request a home collection box

Returning your money

  • Make an online donation
  • Pay directly into a post office using a paying in slip.  Find your local branch
  • Send us a cheque made payable to Autism Plus
  • Drop the donation into our offices

All the information you need to do this will be included in your welcome pack.

Please always advise a member of the fundraising team when you have made a payment so we can thank you.

How your money can help

  • £10 would provide social activities or resources to help develop social skills/build friendships to reduce isolation.
  • £20 would provide horticultural, wood work or other tools to help develop hands-on skills in our social enterprises.
  • £50 would provide sensory equipment/ sensory sessions to provide a place where individuals can relax, reflect and meditate.

If you have any questions or would like any further information, please contact us at  or on 0114 384 0284.

Collection boxes at work

Our collection boxes help raise vital funds.  If you would like to place a collection box in a local business, please contact Andrew Girdham on 0114 384 0284 or email   

Become a box collector

If you like getting out and about and you have some time to spare; you could become a Volunteer Box Collector. This involves calling into shops and collecting their full tubs, replacing it with a new collection tin and bringing the full one to be counted at our fundraising offices. If you would like to find out more, please contact Andrew Girdham on 0114 384 0284 or email