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Cookie statement

This page explains what cookies are, what cookies are used and how they are use on this website, and advise on how to disable them.

What is a cookie?

Besides being a tasty treat in the world of food; a cookie is a small unique text file that is stored on your computer by a website's server, which only that server is able to use and read its contents. It will contain anonymous information such as a unique identifier, the website's name and various letters and numbers.

How does this website use cookies?

Our website uses cookies to implement additional functionality such as accessibility tools, so that the website 'remembers' your preferences; for example, to remember that you prefer to have larger text.

We also use third-party cookies from Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a web analytics service, which helps us to identify how visitors use our website and identify how we can make further improvements based on data collected. The data collected by Google Analytics is completely anonymous and data collected only applies to your usage of our website. Typical data collected about your visit to our website includes (but not limited to) the web browser you use and your operating system version.

Google stores the information collected by the cookies on servers in the United States. Google may also transfer this information to third parties if they are required to do so by law or if the third party processes information on Google's behalf.

You may opt-out of using Google Analytics by using a web browser add-on or find more information about Google Analytics' privacy policy.

How do I disable cookies?

By using your web browser settings, you may control or completely disable the use of cookies.

For information on how to edit the cookie settings on your browser, please visit the relevant links below:

For further information about cookies and further instructions on how to change your settings, please visit